Now the Spiritual rame controls the Physical rame.Many Christians are still in bondage;how/why,because they have lack of knowledge.
1)Hosea 4:6.

Many Pastors with lack of knowledge will go to Satan for Spiritual powers,either for healings or seeing visions.Therefore he has lack of knowledge and he is in Satan’s bondage;Same with other Christians 【‖Ushers,and Choir(masters),e.t.c】.
For instance:In a prison yard,there is a board that list all the prisoners,by names and their crimes.This prison is headed by Satan,and the prisoners are those that have lack of knowledge of God’s reign,but when Christ will come and order that one of the men in bondage should be released.And that certain will be set free.But in the Physical rame,when a man of God come to him and said “Repent ye”,he will immediately repent (Note,no one knows what had happened to him in the Spiritual rame).
2) John 8:21-32.

It is not the Church you go to that determines or guarantees you access to heaven.
3) John 8:33-44.

Now,we say unto you which G(g)od are you serving,is it the creator or creations;If the creations you need total deliverance.
(h2)The Battle When Winning a Soul(/h2).
Exodus 5:1-9

Conclusion:God knows ever man’s,there’s nothing hidden to him (He seeth all)。Repent now and surrender to Him.To the virgins 【men/women】abstain from fornication until you marry;But if you commit fornication now the spirit of it will trouble to commit it again,and the spirit will put you in bondage and not Liberty.
5) Amos 3:3 .
6) Hebrews 13:23.

This is the time of reflection.