ArchBishop Ayemere Patrick

Bishop,Founder and Senior Pastor

Bishop of Africa
Ayemere is the Founder and Pastor of “The Divine Church of God International.He’s also the current Chief of Chaplain in Nigeria.
He started this Church in the 19’s ,and heads it.But during the voting of a new governor then,the former governor was proud of himself that He would win.
So He decided to Destroy the shops of people there to build a big building full of shops for people to rent and sell there.But has they did so, they 【Men he hired to destroy the shops】willingly destroyed the building of the Church,despite the pleading of Patrick.
Patrick therefore struggled all the way so that the Church would continue from generation to generation till Christ come.And now It holds in a college in Alaba,Ajegunle.

He also recieved a certificate from The United States Chaplain Association (USCA),with an identification card.

Now he is an ArchBishop,also the Bishop of Africa, PRO CHANCELLOR OF THE

God has been good to Him and his famiy.
Instagram: @bishopayemerepatrick.